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  • Do you accept walk ins? Yes. Starting Nov 1, 2019 we will transition to a WALK IN ONLY salon for non-members. Only members will be able to book appointments. Click here for membership details.

  • Are you open on Sundays? Yes we are! 10 am- 6 pm unless its a holiday.


  • Do you accept credit cards? Of course. As long as there is enough money on it to cover total plus tip. lol

  • Do you require a debit card or credit card when  booking an appointment? Yes. You are not charged any fees when booking and you're able to change your form of payment when paying for your services at the salon. However, you will be charged for the following if it occurs: Policy Ends October 31, 2019

LATE FEE: $15 after 15 minutes passed appointment time.

SAME DAY CANCELLATION: Please give us at least a 24 hour notice if you are unable to keep your appointment. Tip: If you are a pro at procrastination and love doing everything last minute, well....don't book with us! We hate to be inconvenienced. So for the inconvenience, we now charge $30. Thanks sis.

NO SHOW: If you don't cancel your appointment and decide to forget to inform us that you are not coming and just don't show up for your appointment, you will be charged the full amount of the serviced booked. No joke! Try us if you like. Muah:)

  • Do you all charge extra for long hair? Yes. Our advertised prices are for hair lengths shoulder length and shorter. Check our hair length chart below before your hair appointment for possible additional charges. See below.












  • How should I prep for my hair appointment? Please arrive ready for shampoo. Remove all previous styles if you do not want to be charged for a take down. Come detangled because we will charge a detangling fee if hair is tangled more than normal. This fee is up to the stylist discretion. If you use heavy oils, grease, or coconut oil on a consistent basis, it may stick to your hair shaft. This will interfere with us giving you a silky, bouncy press. Please clean your hair to remove this buildup before service. If you arrive with a lot of build up and the build up is still present on the hair after blow dry, you will be charged for the shampoo and blow dry if you don't proceed with the press.


  • Do you service kids? Yes. As long as the child will sit still for the entire service, However, we do have a "NO CHILDREN POLICY" for kids that are not receiving services. Our seating area is limited to clients only.


  • Do you accept expired groupons? Yes. The Promotional value expires 180 days after purchase. Amount paid never expires and will go toward total amount of appointment booked. For example: If you purchased our $53 Silk press, steam hydration and trim groupon and it expired, the amount of your groupon does not expire. Your $53 will be deducted from the regular price at the time of your appointment. If the regular price for Silk press, steam hydration and trim equals $95.00, you will only owe $42 ($95-$53), which must be paid to the salon at the end of your service. Remember, vouchers are only for new clients on their first visit :)


  • Do you do services other than silk presses? Yes. We have an array of services available including Color, Extensions  and Treatments.